2019 – Verstrickung der Vernunft


2017 – unter /under

2017 – zu viel / zu wenig

zu viel – zu wenig artists’ book in paper jacket, edition of 5 + 1 a/p, collage, stencil, 2017 Everybody can relate to have done to little by making yet to much noise. This book is an expedition into regret and self examination.

2017 time’s memory – ajan musti

time’s memoryartists’ book of three volumes: space / time / memory in a linen cassetteedition of 7 + 1 a/p, pigment print on Inoshi 21gr, Kozo 45gr and Rakusui 12gr papers, 2017In 2017 Finland’s centenary gave me an opportunity and motivation to re-examine the physical and mental importance of the National library’s impact on the […]

2017 – Shabbat with Malevitch, Matjuchin and Kruchenykh

Shabbat with Malevitch, Matjuchin and Kruchenykh painted on found facsimile edition of Roach Chaim, 2017 One of a kind, a book of advises how to prepare and hold the fourth of the ten commandments – the shabbat. A suite of rituals, related to the basic of dividing trivial from spiritual, light from darkness, joy from […]

2016 – sauna soul / sauna sielu

sauna sielu – sauna soul book in wool and hump cover, smelling the sauna, 2016 edition of 7 Sauna, known as a spa idea abroad, but resulting from more essential needs during hunter and gatherer times, building up a circle of rituals, memories and the only physical experience of complete equality between different sexes and […]



2015 project with composer Eric Tanguy

In March 2015 I met the composer Eric Tanguy in the Kone Fondation residency Saari mansion, in Finland. We spoke about our work in process and decided to do something together besides following our different residency projects. Eric Tanguy gave me his composition invocation and the “dead pages” of the new upcoming piece for orchestra in hommage […]