2014 – project with singer Mari Kalkun

Äänilo is an interdisciplinary visual-musical experience inspired by languages and music, originating from the Baltic Sea region on the verge to be extinct and therefore worth to be protected. 2013 Mari Kalkun and I attended the same Kone Foundation seminar on the theme of minorities. I have been always interested in minority cultures being a foreigner and stranger myself. The Estonian musician Mari Kalkun created music based on folk- and runosong traditions incorporating different almost dying-out languages originating from the Baltic Sea region (Fennic languages). So we decided, to combine our efforts of narration, connected to movement, dislocation, identity issues or consciousness of roots. Southern Estonian song traditions, contemporary poetry, lyrics by Vatja, Livi and Võru peoples are combined with large prints on canvas, painted over and embroided with words, room installations hanging in the accustic space, creating narratives and a visual shared experience.

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