dávástus – echoing

ihminen (human), 2012.
92 x 65 cm, collage on ink jet.
dávástus – vastakaiku – echoing, 2013.
44 x 72 cm, photo collage, ink jet on archival paper, pastel, folded to a concertina.

This work examines the relation between the Southern Finnish people and the Northern indigenous people – the Sámi. Are our cultures echoing within each other?

hold on!, 2013, 20 x 90 cm, pastel on photo collage printed with ink jet
guiltfree compromise, 2013.
51 x 98 cm, collage, pastel on ink jet.
natura morte, 2013.
40 x 84 cm, pastel on photo collage printed with ink jet.
garden of my dreams, 2013.
34 x 47 cm, collage, sewing, painting.
biological forecasting, 2013.
78 x 65 cm, collage, pastel, photography with ink jet on archivable paper.
you, me, us, 2010.
121 x 102cm, DNA photophores stripe originals on films and printed with silicon lithography, photos by unknown from 1889 and by Jouko Lehtola, personal pronouns in Finnish and English, collages.