Rhytmus le rouge


28 x 45 cm, stone lithography on Japanese paper, stamp, text leaves sewn collage – like, Japanese binding, housed in a red felt wrapper with facsimile manuscript by Marcel Moreau in French and German, in an external pouch, edition of 6

A collaboration between the writer Marcel Moreau and me, both living in Paris at one point. The figurative stone lithograph figures react and express Moreau’s rhythmic considerations of writing and love, and the alternating tensions that link them in his creative process. A powerful text on writing, the Muse, and la Femme by Moreau. Marcel Moreau is a Belgian writer and novelist whose first novel, Quintes (1963), was praised by Simone de Beauvoir and Dominique Aury. He has since published more than 50 works and is the recipient of a multitude of literary prizes, including a nomination for the Prix Goncourt. We met and befriended each other at once, since the love for Russian literature united us. Translations from French to German by Azeline Routon.