traces of compassion
self -criticism, 103 x 103 cm, pastel on photo collage, images from old photos of the Library of Congress, USA, 2014.

Life swamp, 80 x 100 cm, photography, photo collage, ink jet on archival paper, folded to a concertina.

map of tears, 92 x 138 cm, digital collage, ink-jet, pastel, files from the Library of Congress USA, 2014
This work is related to the murder and expulsion of the Cherokee Indians from the land, they lived upon.
The “trail of tears” via land and water – is the path they had to go to the designated Indian territories. Many
did not survive, were killed and never really rehabilitated.

color theory, 59 x 138 cm, digital collage, ink jet, pastel, 2014.

Reflecting about the different approaches towards color theories by examening works by V.Kandinsky, J.W.Goethe and a file (Library of Congress, USA) for the 1920 world exhibition in Paris.